I would certainly recommend this course because it is very practical and effective. I learned so much in such a relatively short time! The tutors are very supportive and dedicated: It’s unbelievable! Thank you very much to you Nerina, Marian and Bita! It has been such a rewarding experience.

Jacques Hodeige, Online CELTA Jan-April 2016

I would recommend this course. It gives a clear focus on practice and it gives you the opportunity to put everything you have learned into practice. The tutor’s feedback and advice were also invaluable.

Lieze Walcarius, Online CELTA Jan-April 2016

I would strongly recommend this course. Apart from learning how to teach I learned how to be professional staying passionate.

Pablo Hofmann, February 2016

I would recommend this course because in a short period of time you learn a lot in a supportive environment. Furthermore you learn how to be organised and deliver under pressure.

Marcia de Jong, February 2016

Brilliant organisation, clear structure (very well thought through), easy to follow. Guidance at every step. Directions to follow even after the courser. Thank you!

Evgenia North, February 2016

Great experience to meet amazing people: experienced teachers, interesting fellow students and motivated students you can teach. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about language teaching in an international context.

Charlotte Ameye, December 2015

It was intellectually stimulating and never boring. I loved it and feel I have learned more in 10weeks than I have in a very long time.

Francoise Humbert, December 2015

I would recommend the course. I found it to be comprehensive, engaging, well-structured and extremely interesting. I feel well equipped with techniques and approaches to start a teaching career. The balance of theory and practice was good and the feedback element from teachers and other participants invaluable.

Helen Walsh, December 2015

I would recommend this course because it helps gain insight not only in teaching, but also in terms of organising and work ethic as well as dealing with students in both a professional and approachable & human way. The expectations teachers have of their students are very clear.

Ianthe De Mulder, December 2015

I would definitely recommend this course in the future. Having come to the course with teaching experience and having worked with people that completed CELTA I wasn’t sure how much I’d gain but I truly believe I’ve grown so much as a teacher.  I’ve learned a lot and I feel it has tied up my previous experience, shown me where I have to focus my attention and made me more ambitious than ever to be a great teacher.

I am glad I decided to take the course at LTTB. From when I first got in contact with Nerina for information, the whole process has been professional, easy and enjoyable. The standard is set high and I think as a result it gets the very best from the teachers who do the course here. I‘ve really enjoyed it. Thank you

Brendan Costello, September 2015


I would recommend the course because you not only learn how to teach in one of the most effective manners I have ever witnessed, but also learn about yourself.

Daniel Wenger, September 2015

I think this course is great – very demanding, but also offering a lot. I would absolutely recommend it. Even should I never work as an ESL teacher, the course will still have been worth it. I feel that I learned a lot, both about teaching and about myself.

Kaspar Bulling, September 2015

Yes, the tutors are very professional and the relationship with the students and the other trainees was very supportive.

The demo lessons of the tutors/experienced teachers were very useful.

Arne Bouten, September 2015

Yes, the teaching practice and feedback sessions were of immense benefit to me, and so for those who wish to start teaching I would highly recommend it – although,  you have to be able to deal with stress as the adrenaline on this course is abnormally high.

Paul Torfs, September 2015

I would definitely recommend this course. As the tutors said in the beginning:  it is an absorbing journey. I had a lot to learn and I think that this would benefit anyone who wants to teach and travel the world.

Adrian Tudorica, September 2015

Yes, I would recommend the course. It was very well organised and run. I would definitely ensure that candidates would understand the intensity of the course though!! (I was warned, I know!)

I would like to thank Nerina and Jackie for being very inspirational and supportive teachers. I struggled at times and they were always encouraging and I really appreciated that.

Mary Connolly, September 2015

Having completed the Cambridge CELTA in March 2012, I was impressed with the standard of teaching, particularly that of the coordinator.
Having undergone an extremely painful and debilitating surgical procedure during the course, it was gratifying to receive so much assistance and support, and the personalised nature of this help made all the difference to completing a series of lessons that I might otherwise have given up on for medical reasons.

I particularly enjoyed doing the coursework as it was a reminder of University essay writing, and the research involved was useful in terms of solidifying my knowledge of grammar and analytical reasoning. Although the lesson planning procedure was tough, I can see why it was necessary, especially having been told to provide lesson plans in my current job.

The actual lessons that we followed were entertaining and thought-provoking, and the lessons that we gave were for the most part evaluated in a firm but fair manner.

My teaching lacked methodology prior to taking the CELTA, and although I was aware of this and in particular the areas that needed work, it was useful to acquire training that was holistic in its approach and provided useful material all-round.
In particular, classroom management has proved extremely useful in dealing with challenging teenagers in my current job (something I had no prior experience of), Concept Oral Written and Test-Teach-Test variations have added considerably to my lesson structure and my incorporation of exercises that train all four skills into lesson plans has improved.

I've particularly enjoyed putting CCQs into practice in a wild classroom 

Robin Fewster, March 2012

The CELTA course completely convinced me that teaching is what I want to do in life.
After finishing the Cambridge teaching course I've quit my day job and continued to dedicate my time and effort to become a better teacher than the ones that stood before me in the past.

I've taken up another teacher training course at the University College of Group T in Leuven to add some weight to my academic competencies, as I had no academic background before that. I found myself passing these new courses with flying colours, also because of the confidence and both practical and theoretical knowledge gained during my CELTA adventure.

Furthermore, I started working at UNICEF as an educational volunteer. As you can see, there are really no limits to the confidence and flexibility you'll gain in front of any classroom by letting yourself take and finish this course.

The CELTA course is intense, especially when combined with a day job, but if your heart is in the right place you'll find that passing the course is very much possible and even more rewarding.

Thank you Nerina, and thank you CELTA.

Laurent Malek, March 2012

Having had no previous teaching experience before starting the course, I needed a comprehensive introduction that would give me the skills I needed to become a teacher.
The CELTA was exactly that, providing indispensable training in classroom management, lesson planning and the various pedagogic techniques. The opportunity to teach "live" classes gave me much-needed self confidence and the chance to apply what I had learned in a supportive and encouraging environment.

While certainly not for the faint hearted, the CELTA has been invaluable part of my professional development and given me skills that I continue to draw on almost two years after completing thecourse.

Julien Affinito, June 2011

As for the professional development, I can tell you that it has helped me tremendously. Thanks to this course, I initially started with a job as an editor/translator at a media firm in Brussels to translate and summarise news info for the European Commission.

Afterwards I took on a postgraduate course in investigative journalism and I am now doing an internship for the Belgian magazine/website Knack.be. I have to research a lot of international sources, especially in English!

Apart from that, it is my ambition to work as a freelance correspondent abroad where I could combine it with my love for teaching this wonderful language.

So all in all, nothing but very positive things!

Carole Viaene, May 2012

CELTA enabled me to gain confidence as a non-native English speaker working as a teacher. Moreover, has enhanced my "value" on the job market by providing the qualification, professionalism, structure as well as theory and practice in teaching.

Etelke Radoia, December 2011

The CELTA course was excellent. It gave me a thorough grounding in how to prepare lessons that are engaging and clearly thought-out.

The tutors introduced an astonishing range of teaching tools and techniques for preparing effective lessons, which I got to try out during the teaching practice sessions. These sessions were invaluable. I was able to teach students and then afterwards evaluate how I could have improved the lesson. The observations from my fellow trainees as well as the tutors were also very helpful.

Some of the ideas behind communicating clearly with your students, such as checking their understanding of concepts and questions, are useful in day-to-day life as well.

All in all, the CELTA experience involved a lot of hard work, but it was also fun.

The CELTA course gave me the skills, experience and confidence needed to start teaching English as a foreign language in Brussels. I have taught intermediate and advanced adult students on a one-to-one basis and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The students’ individual needs ranged from requiring the language to be an arts museum guide to studying for the IELTS exam. I have also taught children, both in small classes and individually.

Nirmala Patel, December 2011

I can say that the course helped me a lot when it comes to preparing my classes. I apply a lot of the techniques and methods we learned on a daily basis.

It's given me a definite advantage! In fact, I'm taking French classes myself, and I sometimes have to stop myself from saying how the activity could have been made more effective, haha!

Niels Neuteboom, May 2012

What Celta did for me? Well, it gave me a chance to change my career, and do something I like!

Fabio Verbeken, March 2012

Celta in Brussels: great teachers, great trainers, satisfaction in your job life!

Gaelle Laurier, June 2012

I started CELTA course as an experienced teacher and I looked at it as a part of my continuing professional development. Maybe my learning curve doesn’t look that impressive as the one of my colleagues, but I thoroughly enjoyed the CELTA experience and I achieved my personal aims!

The course was very practical and interactive, teaching practice was well-organised, both groups of students (U-I and E level) we had to teach were great!

The tutors are highly professional, encouraging, supportive and were always available if any help/clarification was needed. (Thank you once again, Nerina and Catharine!).

Peer-observations, self-evaluations, feedbacks were useful and you really learn a lot from them. The course was definitely worth my time and money! I highly recommend it.

Natakua Gudim, December 2012

First day - "jump into the water and swim"; you don't know how to? don't worry, you'll figure it out and anyway we're here to assist in case something really bad happens ... And what could have happened ? Fortunately everybody survived that day, and we continued the second day, the third, and so on… until the last day of course.

But the initial approach remained valid, as we were challenged every time to try new things, to adopt new methods, to face our fears and our fossilised educational patterns, to the full benefit of our future students.

I really enjoyed the mix of non-conventional strategies and fun, because learning a foreign language should combine the two, in a relaxed way.

My 5cm thick LTTB file is the proof that I took a very concentrated pill on English teaching methodology, and the effects are more and more visible in my practice.

I think the course is a must for anyone who wants to develop in the educational field. The old conventional teaching methods no longer fit into the new modern society, in which cultures mix up, people travel a lot and information spreads at light speed.

I really wanted to do this course for my own professional growth, to get a feedback on my teaching methods, style, and to get recognition as an English teacher even if I am a non-native.
But it is here that I learnt that English is a global good that everybody should benefit from. And this gave me the power to continue.

Hence, armed with proper knowledge, self-confidence and courage I will definitely continue my adventure in the educational field.

Petronela Danila, December 2012

I took CELTA as an absolute zero beginner in teaching and methodology, having done a little more preparation than reading a book and completing a pre-course task supplied by the centre. And make no mistake, methodology is CELTA is all about, and the course at LTTB excels at teaching this. 
Morethan provide you with cut-and-dried textbook examples, or beating you over the head with terminology, you're naturally immersed -as students- into these teaching methods. What the tutors also manage perfectly at this stage is helping you find that one all-important creature: *rationale*.

And that, for me, really was the magic word for a month. Nothing was provided as dogma. You are always free to take, to learn to adapt... as long as you, in turn could supply rationale. 

I'd heartily reccomend LTTB's CELTA: excellent teaching, inspiring tutors and if you're as lucky as I was - fantastic peers. 

Niki Kellens, July 2013

I'm having a great time teaching and am actually getting remarks from people who have known me for years saying how happy, content, de-stressed and young (!) I'm looking. Amazing! I owe it all to you!

Richards Lewis, May 2013

I graduated as a teacher (English and P.E.) 9 years ago but was very demotivated to teach when I finished my training.
CELTA changed my view on teaching and I feel like I learnt a lot more in one month than I did during my 3 years teacher-training. 

I can't express my gratitude enough to Nerina (never had a teacher like her in my life!).
It was a hell of a month, you really have to drag yourself through it at the end of the course, but thanks to the tutors (Nerina and Antony), who are amazingly supportive, and your fellow-students, you can look back on an almost life-changing experience. 

The way the course is built-up helps a lot. You get information step-by-step and everyday you can apply new information to the lesson you have to give the following day. I liked the practical side of the course a lot. 

CELTA brought back the passion for teaching I once had but lost along the way. 
It was worth the money and the effort. 

Thank you so much!

Kaatje Bailleul, May 2013

What CELTA did for me? Well, it gave me the chance to change my career, and do something I like!

Fabio Verplancke, March 2012